Our team was
blown away

– Tony Bignell
VP Nike Innovation

Winning in a Competitive World

What can we learn from the world's best top athletes about success and reaching one's potential (and what is better that they not teach us)

about the talk

In a world focused solely on results, everyone from aspiring to professional athletes, entrepreneurs to senior executives are all fighting the same race; competing to become number one. 

But when winning is everything and failing isn’t an option we unwittingly become slaves to the results. Kings when we win and completely worthless when we lose.

Have you ever asked yourself who you are without your achievements, trophies, money, or rank? Who are you without the roles that define you?

In order to become true winners, we should ask ourselves not “How do I win?” but “How do I build a winning identity, independent of the results?”

Eitan Azaria, former International footballer, and a renowned mental performance coach for senior executives at Nike international and four times champion for Hapoel Beer Sheva FC & Maccabi Haifa flips the paradigm of results on its head: "The only way to achieve consistent results is to be detached from them."

In his lectures and executive workshops, Eitan offers a rare glimpse into the secret world of top athletes and reveals what it takes to be a complete person; a winner, not just in one competition, but in the game of life.

the topics

 are some of the subjects Eitan focuses on:

  • Playing To win, or Playing Not To Lose? What is the right motivation that drives consistent results? 
  • Winning = Hero, Losing = Zero. How to cope with pressure and the demand to deliver results
  • Increased Results – Increased Anxiety. How to ensure peak performance as you become more successful
  • Beyond Winning – Above Losing. How to create a winning mentality that is completely independent of results
  • Why we choke under pressure – and how to avoid it? tools to perform at your best when it matters most.

the speaker

Eitan Azaria, the leading figure in the field of mental coaching in Israel and the foremost mental coach in Israeli soccer, is a lecturer, author, and international mental consultant who has worked with Champions League players, Olympic athletes, NBA players, and has 4 championships within 5 years as a mental coach: 3 consecutive championships with Hapoel Beer Sheva (2016-2018) and a first championship after a decade with Maccabi Haifa (2021).

His energy
is infectious

״Our team was blown away by Eitan’s knowledge and the way he managed to truly connect with each and everyone one of us. Eitan manages to simplify complex subject matter by drawing on examples from everyday life. Touching on how people can improve their own self-worth and using examples everyone can relate to, he has left a long lasting mark on our team. His energy is infectious and his results profound”

-Tony Bignell
VP Nike Innovation 

contact info

Email: eitanaz2@gmail.com
Office: +972522257849
Eitan's Phone: +972549689337